Effects of Knee Osteoarthritis and Treatment with the Herbal Poultice

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Karuna Charoennavarat



Knee osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease of the body in adults or the elderly, which is a major national problem because it leads to disability and decreases the quality of the elderly's life. From literature's review and Systematic research studies, osteoarthritis is impacted to the physical, mental, social and economic. It also affects the quality of elder’s life and their families. There are several methods of treating knee osteoarthritis with Thai traditional medicine. To treatment with the herbal poultice is one way that can be done easily and at low cost. Currently, there are several research studies on the effect of treating knee osteoarthritis with herbal masking. The composition of the herbal poultice will vary depending on the context of the living area. A review and analysis of research findings on the treatment of knee osteoarthritis with herbal paste show that the herbal paste’s ingredients contain herbs that have anti-inflammatory effects and reduce pain which should bring the herbal poultice to develop the model and study further research.


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