Factors Related to Missed Medical Appointments among End-Stage Cancer Patients Who Received Palliative Care in Cannabis Clinic, Thai Traditional and Integrated Medicine Hospital, Bangkok

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Thanwa Buamahakul
Ratchadaphon Buamahakul


The purpose of this study was to study factors relating to loss  to follow-up among end stage cancer patients received palliative care in Canabis clinic, Bangkok. 85 end stage cancer patients with age of 20-90, a history of losing follow up more than once follow up, and had no communication deficit were collected all by medical record . The benefit for this study is for preventing of loss follow up in patients .The instruments used for this study is from Namtip Sangeunboonyapong. Faculty of Nursing Burapha University Chonburi Thailand 20131 questionnaire. Statistics used for data analysis were frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation in personal information, Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient, Spearman’s Correlation, and Chi-Square in coeffiency of variables . The results showed personal’s factor, contex of treatment, medication adherence, social support are factors that relationg to loss to follow-up among end stage cancer patients


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