A study of psoriasis treatment process in wisdom of Thai folk medicine, Tatakiab District of Chachoengsao Provine.

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This research uses a qualitative research methodology. Objective: to study the knowledge and process of psoriasis treatment with the wisdom of the Thai folk medicine. Mr. Boonmee Ngeawnan and to study the history, symptoms, confidence and results of the treatment of his psoriasis patients. There were 3 groups of research samples: 1)  1 thai folk medicine. ,Mr.Boonmee Ngeawnan  2) 20 psoriasis patients 3) 2 Public health workers In the field . The research tool was an in-depth interview which builded  by  the research team  and was tested for the quality of the device by three experts.  The quantitative data were analyzed using frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation. The Qualitative Data analysis by content analysis. The important research findings were Mr. Boonmee Ngeawnan  in terms of traditional medicine, from the age of 9 from his grandfather and having studied additional knowledge, hired by being assessed registered as a practitioner of Thai traditional medicine, license No. 18267.  There are 5 drugs recipe for psoriasis treatment.  Most of the patients with psoriasis, the research sample, acknowledged Mr. Boonmee's treatment of psoriasis via Youtube and television programs 60.0 percent . The cost of treatment was approximately 700 baht per time. The results of treatment were 65.0% recovered, 15.0% get well, 20.0% did not recover.   Patients were satisfied with the treatment of psoriasis with Mr. Boonmee  Ngeawnan 90.0%. There is an opinion that patients with psoriasis should come to treatment with Mr. Boonmee  Ngeawnan, because if treatment with modern medicine is not cured, it should be recommended to go to treatment with a local medicine  . The main recommendation of this research is that a parallel treatment of psoriasis should be promoted during modern clinical trials with traditional medicine.



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