Development of Ya Kwad Saeng Muek Formulary as Oral Paste

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Suthani Kaewsin
Rapeeporn Thongpan
Sirirat Ronnachaimongkol
Sanan Subhadhirasakul


This research aimed to develop Ya Kwad Saeng Muek in the form of oral paste, making it more convenient
to use since the original drug use method is complicated. The drug developed is Ya Kwad Saeng Muek with
properties for treating mouth ulcers and relieve mouth aerosol. The physical stability of Ya Kwad Saeng Muek
oral paste was assessed to find the best formula, regarding its color, texture, sedimentation, mucoadhesion, and acidity-alkalinity. The testing was done in 7 alternating hot and cold cycles for 28 days and at room temperature of 25–35˚C for 14, 30 and 60 days. The hot-cold cycle testing found that the stable oral paste was the 1st and 3rd formulas of all 3 formulas. The 5th formula of oral paste was stable out of all 6 formulas in both hot-cold cycle and at-room-temperature tests. None of the six formulas showed physical stability. In conclusion, it is necessary to conduct further research on the stability of Ya Kwad Saeng Muek oral paste using both tests (hot-cold cycle and room-temperature storage conditions) to obtain stable oral paste that is easy to use. 


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