The study A Study of Court-type Thai Traditional Massage Knowledge in the Treatment of Office Syndrome: A Case Study of Ajarn Manat Ratchathaworn

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Aumpol Bunpean
Patama Chantarapon
Nattaporn Soythong
Suparkorn Poosarad


This study aimed to collect Master (Ajarn) Manat Ratchathaworn’s knowledge of royal Thai massage in the treatment of office syndrome, especially the methods and outcomes of office syndrome treatment. Data were collected from June to August 2019, based on the main qualitative research question, “how the royal massage treated office syndrome”, as well as interviews and observations. The results revealed that: (1) Ajarn Manat Ratchathaworn studied the therapeutic massage skills from Ajarn Narongsak Boonrattanahiran and has treated with massage for more than 50 years for about 30 office syndrome patients per month. (2) The royal massage treatment for office syndrome by Ajarn Manat usually takes 1–2 hours per case, using three steps including diagnosis, treatment, and evaluation of treatment. (3) After the treatment, the patients could work for longer periods oftime, had better mobility, felt less pain, requested additional treatments in the future, and recommended the treatments of Ajarn Manat to others with a similar illness. The results of this study can be used as a foundation for those interested in applying the massage knowledge in treating office syndrome patients, disseminating the knowledge for health care of community members and helping preserve the inherited knowledge for future generations.



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Aumpol Bunpean, Kanchanabhishek Institute of Medical and Public Health Technology

Faculty of Health and Sports Science


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