Thai Traditional Medicine in Combination with Local Wisdom for Postnatal Care at Community Hospitals in Health Region 9 (Nakhonchaiburin)

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ประภัสสร คุ้มวิลัย
Supattra Porasuphatana



This purpose of this study was to survey the Thai traditional medical (TTM) services provided and the application of local wisdom for postnatal care at community hospitals in Health Region 9 (Nakhonchaiburin, comprising Nakhon Ratchasima, Buri Ram, Surin and Chaiyaphum provinces). Participants were all licensed TTM and applied TTM practitioners in 80 community hospitals in the four provinces. Data were collected using a self-administered questionnaire; 67 completed questionnaires (83.75%) were returned. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics. The results showed that all community hospitals in the region provided Thai traditional postnatal care services according to the professional standards. However, the service patterns were slightly different depending on the local context in each area. For the application of local wisdom in addition to TTM-based postnatal care, the use of herbal supplements to increase breast milk postnatally was found only in four hospitals (5.97%). As the local wisdom for postnatal care was rarely applied, it is suggested that relevant and well accepted local wisdom might be collected for integration into TTM postnatal care in the future.


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