Reviews of Alternative Medicine Practices on Blood Pressure

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Udomrat Chalothorn
Yutamas Wandao
Noppcha Singweratham


This research aimed to study reviews of alternative medicine practices on blood pressure. Data were collected from ThaiJo and Google Scholar between 2009 -2017. This review was to verified from The Joanna Briggs Institute EBP Database Guide (2016). The search identified a total of 14 studies regarding to alternative medicine practices on blood pressure. Five studies were excluded because they did not quality. Nine studies met the specified review criteria, which included 7 randomized controlled trails and 11 quasi-experimental studies. The results were synthesized using narrative summarization. Alternative medicine practice on blood pressure as documented in this review can be classified into two categories: 5 alternative medicine and 4 complementary medicine. The National Center of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) can be classified three categories: (1) 6 Mind-Body Interventions such as control respiration, meditation therapies, yoga (2) 2 Chinese traditional medicine such as acupuncture and (3) 1 biologically based therapy included 3 practices physical exercise, salt intake reduction and yoga. All methods of alternative medicine can reduce the pressure level significantly. Alternative medicine is another way to release blood pressure. Suggestions for use should be adapted properly for individual, faith, cultural, traditional and geographical features of patients.


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