Statistics by Group of Diseases and the Sun and the Planets’ Position

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Vadhana Jayathavaj
Thabthim Yoysanit
Wannapen Chotikul
Somchai Petchroong


The current study relates health risks with birth month, birth season and length of sunshine during pregnancy.  In Thai astrology, illnesses are predicted from the position of the Sun  and the planets of the solar system by zodiac signs at birth date.  This research studied the number of patients suffering from the diseases that are associated with their respective zodiac signs. The Sun position and the planets’ position at each patient’s birth date were calculated using the Suryayarttra and Manut scripture, and classified the patient records by the ICD-10 group of diseases and the Sun position and the planets’ position  by zodiac signs.  The data of 5,224 patients, 1,797 men and 3,427 women, with 65,535 patient records from a district hospital showed that the ratio of patients of some zodiac signs were higher than the average ratio in 14 groups of diseases by using Chi-square goodness of fit test (11 degrees of freedom, p < 0.05).  The group of E00-E90 Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases (Diabetes Mellitus) and the group of I00-I99 diseases of the circulatory system (Hypertension) indicated different ratios by zodiac signs from 8 and 7 members of the solar system, respectively.  The Moon and Neptune did not show different ratios for any group of diseases.  Uranus showed different ratios by 9 groups of diseases from a total of 14 groups of diseases.


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