Notes on the Genus Elettariopsis Baker (Zingiberaceae) in Thailand

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Chayan Picheansoonthon


Five species of the genus Elettariopsis Baker (family Zingiberaceae): E. elan C. K. Lim, E. exserta (Scort.) Bak., E. slahmong C. K. Lim, E. smithiae Y. K. Kam, and E. triloba (Gagnep.) Loes., are enumerated for Thailand in this treatment based on herbarium specimens. The taxonomically controversial taxon, “Pud Sing,” is confirmed to be E. slahmong C. K. Lim, not E. curtisii Bak. as previously referred to in the Thai literature. The key to and color illustrations of all Thai species are provided. The ethnobotany, chemical constituents, and biological activities of these Thai taxa are also discussed.


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