Preliminary Study of the Efficacy and Side Effects of Ya Ammarin in Patients with Numbness of the Extremities and Myalgia

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Chaiwat Chattuporn


The objective of this clinical research was to study the efficacy and side effects of a Thai traditional
herbal preparation called “Ya Ammarin” compared with a placebo in patients with numbness of the extremities
and myalgia. The study was carried out at Wangchan District Hospital, Rayong Province in patients who
were at least 32 years old. There were 25 patients in the experimental group and 23 in the placebo group. Most
of the participants were females aged 41-60 and the majority had diabetes or hypertension. Fifteen days prior
to the beginning of the study, most of the control group took NSAIDs, while most of the experimental group
took paracetamol. At 15 days and at three months after starting the medication, the symptoms of both groups
were improved, but there was no statistically significant difference between the groups. Only mild side effects
were observed in three patients, with no change in their liver or kidney functions.
Eighty percent of both groups were satisfied with the treatment while 20 percent were very satisfied. The
explanation for there being no statistically significant difference between the two groups could be a result of
the small sample size and high drop-out rate. Therefore, it is recommended that further study should be
conducted in a larger number of patients.


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