Local Herbal Food Consumption Behavior among Southern Thais in Huayluk Subdistrict, Songkhla Province

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Wilawan Nachatri


This descriptive study was conducted to describe local herbal food consumption behavior and the reasonsfor its consumption, as well as the sources of the local herbal food among people in Huayluk subdistrict, Songkhla Province. The sample consisted of 216 representatives of households living in Huayluk subdistrict. Systematic random sampling and purposive sampling techniques were used. Data were collected using a questionnaire; they were analyzed using descriptive statistics, including frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation. The results revealed that the majority of subjects knew the local foods in almost all taste groups. Most consumed the foods in the spicy and sour groups almost daily, whereas foods in the other taste groups were
consumed only 2-3 times per month. The subjects reported using several methods for food preparation depending on the nature of the taste. The three main reasons for eating local herbal foods: the people think that  this type of food is safe and free from toxic substances, it is available locally, and it is good for health. The major source of the local herbal foods was home-grown crops.


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