Job Retention of Nurse Educators in Private Education Institute, Bangkok Metropolitan Region

Job Retention of Nurse Educators in Private Education Institute, Bangkok Metropolitan Region

  • มณีรัตน์ ภาคธูป Eastern Asia University
  • ทิพวัลย์ สุวรรณรักษ์ Eastern Asia University
  • รัชนี บุญกล่ำ Eastern Asia University
Keywords: Nurse Educator, Job Retention, Private Education Institute



The shortage of nurse educators is a problem in Thailand. Moreover, in Private
Education Institute had less information in this regards. This descriptive survey study
aimed to describe job retention of work in private nursing schools in Bangkok Metropolitan
Region. The survey was distributed to 200 nurse educators by convenience sampling.
The questionnaires (reliability = .82) were used to collect general data and retention
of work. Statistic used in this research were frequencies, percentage, mean, standard
deviation, independent t-test and One way ANOVA.
The resulted showed that nurse educators intend to retention of work at a high
level (Mean=11.77, S.D.=2.96). There were statistically signifcant difference in years of
experience in current work place (p<.01). Nurse educators who had years of experience of
≥6 years had intention to retention in work more than who work for <1 year, 2 year and
3 year (p<.05). Nurse educators who had years of experience of 4-5 years had intention
to retention in work more than who work for 2 year and 3 year (p<.05). There were no
difference retention of work among nurse educators who had difference in age groups,
generations, education level, academic position, and income.
This study suggested that nursing education administrators should support by
providing Nursing school system for nurse educators who work 1-3 years by providing
nursed educator mentors. For nurse educators with ≥6 years of experiences should
be motivated by promote to get higher job position, advanced in service training, and
continuing education.


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