Risk assessment and management of health care workers who exposed to COVID-19 virus

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Anothai Juttuporn


Introduction: Healthcare workers are at an especially high risk for COVID-19 infection. To prevent
further infectious transmission between healthcare workers, risk assessment and management
from the infection control and occupational health units of the hospital, should include those
healthcare workers caring for personnel with any history of exposure to patientsconfirmed to
Objective: 1) To review the current published practice guidelines on risk assessment and
management of healthcare workers who have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus; and 2)
todisseminate risk assessment tools and procedures.
Methods: Examiningthe COVID-19 virus practice guidelines that are relevant to healthcare
workers from the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention (CDC) and the Department of Disease Control under theThai Ministry of Public Health.
Results:The risk assessment of healthcare workers must rely on collected data includingdistances,
durationsand severity of exposure. This also includes all the activities these health care
workersdid with the patients as well aswhat personal protective equipment was worn by both
the healthcare workers and the patients. Uponassessment, the healthcare workers must be
classifiedinto 3 groups ofrisk (i.e., high, medium and low).Each risk assessment group has different
management processes correlated with it based on stringency, including work restriction and
quarantine, COVID-19 laboratory tests, daily observation of symptoms and body temperaturesfor
at least 14 days from the last day of exposure.
Conclusion: Healthcare workers with exposure to patients confirmed with COVID-19 should
undergo risk assessment and a proper risk-based management to prevent infectious transmission.


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