Learning Management Strategies to Develop Nursing Students’ Research Competencies

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Artittaya Duangmanee


            Research process is a critical learning process in the 21st century. It enhances high level of intellectual skills and equips learners with life-long learning skills. Producing graduates who possess research competencies is a desirable feature of every field of study, including nursing. There is a clear need to develop and underscore the importance of the body of knowledge, innovation, and evidence-based nursing. Instructional design to develop nursing students’ research competencies can be achieved through both the research subjects and nursing subjects. The crucial strategy is to use learner-centered learning management that allow students to learn the subject matter and also develop the research competencies at the same time. The key content of this article derives from the literature review and data synthesis on the meaning and components of research competencies which are research knowledge, research skills and research mind. The article also introduces 5 learning management strategies to develop nursing students’ research competencies: 1. Using research-based learning, 2. Applying researcher mentoring system, 3. Using technology - enhanced learning, 4. Stimulating student interest and learning participation, and 5. Instilling professional ethics of a researcher. The suitable research competencies evaluation system is included to serve as a guideline for developing and assessing learning achievement. Various concrete examples are presented to ease the teaching and learning management accordingly.

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