Integrative Literature Review: Nurses’ Role for Child Health Promotion in Early Childhood

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Siranee Imnamkhao
Weerachai Imnamkhao


            This article aimed to review the nurses’ role for child health promotion in early childhood and to promote normal development as well as to prevent delays in development. Data were systematically collected by searching relevant literature during 2011 - 2021. The database search of relevant journals remained ongoing right up to the completion of this study. The searching strategy focused on five, databases namely CINHAL, PubMed, Science Direct, Google scholar, and ThaiJo. 2) Library searches of various documents included articles, research reports, and qualified thesis. The instruments were research data record form and quality assessment form. Fifty-seven articles reached the inclusion criteria.
            The results highlighted the importance of nurses’ role in promoting health for early childhood. They were divided into nine issues including 1) developing the potential of parents and those involved in health promotion of early childhood, 2) promoting the family and community involvement and emphasize the family as the center, 3) being a manager and coordinator of community health to promote child development, 4) providing a safe environment to facilitate learning and brain development, 5) cooperating in monitoring, surveillance, referrals to a multidisciplinary team, 6) providing caregiver guidelines about child care using new technology and monitoring appropriate use of social media, 7) integrated care to promote physical, brain and child development, 8) shifting and adapting care based on the current situation, and 9) being a researcher to develop the body of knowledge to promote health for early childhood which in turn improve the quality of children to be ready for growth and development for the coming of age.

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