Factors Predicting Health Behaviors among Type 2 Diabetes Patients Dwelling in Mueng District, Chon Buri Province

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Somporn Rakkwamsuk
Tutiyarat Reunreang


            This research aimed to study factors predicting health behaviors among type 2 diabetes patients dwelling in Mueng district, Chon Buri province. Factors predicting health behaviors include 1) predisposing factors; sex, age, education level, duration of disease, and diabetes knowledge, 2) reinforcing factors; social support, and 3) enabling factors; accessibility to service. The samples were 331 type 2 registered diabetic patients who received service continuously at Tumbon Health Promoting Hospital in Mueng district, Chon Buri province. The instruments composed of questionnaires regarding personal data, diabetes social support, accessibility to service, and health behaviors as well as knowledge test on diabetes. Content validity analysis of the questionnaires was confirmed by three experts. Cronbach’s alpha coefficient was employed to test the reliability of the diabetes social support, accessibility to service, and health behavior. The range of the coefficient being 0.75 - 0.76 and the reliability of knowledge test on diabetes by KR-20 was 0.75. The data were analyzed using percentage, mean, standard deviation, maximum, minimum and multiple regression analysis.
            The research finding showed that reinforcing factors including social support accounted for 48.20% of the variance in explaining the health behaviors among type 2 diabetes patients (R2 = 0.482). So, related organization should develop model to apply in promoting health behaviors among of type 2 diabetes patients for the better in the community.


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