Burnout Syndrome in Seafarers

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Pangrum Yongcharoen
Pornchai Sithisarankul


            Burnout syndrome is becoming a mass phenomenon due to its various negative effects on the persons and organizations such as expressed in physical and mental illness, decreased performance/productivities and increased conflicts with colleagues/supervisors, etc. The seafarers could finally progress to depressive disorders if the workers cannot cope or manage with these problems.
            Burnout syndrome can affect anyone in every profession with high occupational stress, especially the seafarers who have to be at sea for a long time and are exposed to the stressors and the job-based pressures almost all the seafaring period. However, the studies about the burnout syndrome in seafarers are limited. The authors have conducted literature review on researches and articles of burnout syndrome among seafarers from Thailand and other countries. This review article covers the significance, causes, associating factors, signs and symptoms, effects, diagnosis, and management of burnout syndrome among seafarers. The authors also suggested some relevant research.


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