The Effect of Self-Management Program on Xerostomia in Older Persons with Head and Neck Cancer Receiving Radiation

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Rungnapa Bunmee
Tassana Choowattanapakorn


            The present study was quasi-experimental research based on a follow up study. This self-management program was designed with the aim of comparing xerostomia in older persons with head and neck cancer receiving radiation during an experimental group and control group. The sample was composed of older persons with head and neck cancer receiving radiation in the Radiation Therapy Out-Patient Department, Rajavithi Hospital. The sample was divided into a control group composed of 20 subjects receiving routine care only and an experimental group composed of 20 subjects receiving the self-management program. Data was collected by using a questionnaire on personal information and a xerostomia rating scale. Reliability of xerostomia scale under Cronbach’s alpha coefficient was 0.89. Data was analyzed using frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation and repeated measures ANOVA. The effect of program showed that the total mean scale of xerostomia was 5.45 in the control group and 1.03 in the experimental group. The severity of xerostomia of the older persons with head and neck cancer receiving radiation in the group receiving the self-management program was significantly lower than the group receiving routine care at .05 (p < .05).


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