Development of Health Management Guidelines the Home-Bound and Bed-Bound older adults through Community Participation in Non-Pradu District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thailand


  • Pornpawee Chuenjairuang Faculty of Nursing, Rajabhat Sisaket University
  • Somchai Chaichan Institute of Nursing, Suranaree University of Technology
  • Thanakorn Panyasaisophon Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, Nakhonrachasima College


guidelines of health management, home-bound elders and bed-bound elders,


The aim of this participatory action research was to develop health management guidelines for Home-Bound and Bed-Bound older adults through Community Participation in Non-Pradu District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thailand. The research consisted of two phases: 1) the situational analysis and 2) the developmental process. The key informants and participants were comprised of 3 groups including the government health care providers, lay-person caregivers and community leaders, and home-bond and bed-bound older adults with chronic illnesses and their families. Data collection was conducted using focus groups, in-depth interviews, and participant observations. Content analysis was used to analyze the data.  

      The situational analysis revealed three major findings, including 1) health management guidelines for the Home-Bound and Bed-Bound older adults were fragmented and not aligned with the older adults’ lifestyles; 2) a lack of clear criteria for classifying what was an emergency situation in relation the older adults’ illnesses resulting in older adults with emergency illnesses management needs not being provided with care that meets the standard of care; and 3) a lack continuity of care and holistic care management due to the lack of database synchronization among different databases within the older adults’ health care network. The participatory developmental process resulted in the development of home-bound and bed-bound older adults health care management guidelines. The guidelines consists of three sections based on the situation analysis, including  1) participatory and holistic approaches; 2) Emergency care management for older adults; and 3) development of a care service system integrating continuing care for Home-Bound and Bed-Bound older adults. These findings suggested that the newly-developed health management guidelines for  health care professionals and caregiving networks caring for  Home-Bound and Bed-Bound older adults would help older adults receive holistic health care management  and high quality health care that meets their needs across all stages of their illness’s trajectory.  


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