Stress in Parents of Neonates Hospitalized in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit


  • Panomporn Chaiyain Facultyof Nursing, Khonkaen University
  • Juraporn Tangpukdee
  • Atchariya Wonginchan


stress, parents of neonates hospitalized, neonatal intensive care unit


Descriptive research aimed to study the stress in parents of neonates hospitalized in neonatal intensive care units. The sample consisted of 90 parents of neonates hospitalized at the neonatal intensive care unit, Tertiary level hospital, Northeastern regional, Thailand. The instruments for collecting data were the demographic questionnaire and modified the Parent Stressor Scale interview: Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: NICU which contained three experts and the test for content validity index was 0.89, Cronbach’s alpha 0.78. Data were analyzed using statistical values, frequency, percentage, mean (x̄) and standard deviation (SD). Compare the parental data with parental stress. and compared the neonatal data with parental stress. Inferential statistics were used to compare mean stress scores of independent variables by using independent t-test statistics.

          The results showed that it was found that parents of neonates hospitalized in neonatal intensive care units had a high level of stress in changing parental roles (x̄=3.55, SD=0.61). The parents had moderate overall stress levels. The results of the comparative analysis revealed that the mother's mean stress score was not significantly different from the father's mean stress score at the 0.05 level. It was found that parents of preterm infants had higher mean stress scores (x̄ =74.78, SD=13.94) than parents of term infants (x̄=68.36, SD=13.12) was statistically significant at the 0.05 level This thesis finding was pointing out for the nurses to prevent over stress for parent of neonatal hospitalized in NICU.


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