Advanced Family Nursing Competency among Professional Nurses in Caring for Family with Pregnant Woman Receiving Down Syndrome Screening Test



competency, family nursing, down syndrome, prenatal care, professional nurses


This descriptive research aimed to study advanced family nursing competency among professional nurses in caring for family with pregnant woman receiving Down syndrome screening test at the antenatal care unit. The eighty-nine professional nurses at the antenatal care unit of Hospitals under the Ministry of Public Health 27 places in Khon Kaen Province were participants. The questionnaire and interviewing tool were developed according to the conceptual framework of the International Family Nurses Association. (International Family Nursing Association) The data were analyzed by using descriptive statistics, which were, frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation.

            The results showed that most of the professional nurses were 41-50 years old (=43.76) (minimum 25 years, and maximum 59 years) and 88.80% of them had a bachelor's degree. 44.94% have been working more than 5 years of service at the antenatal care unit. The mean scores of advanced family nursing competency were in high level (= 4.11, SD = 0.35). The ‘professional responsibility and accountability’ had the highest mean score ( = 4.02, SD = 0.68; high level), but ‘evidence-based family nursing’ (= 3.46, SD = 0.73) The lowest mean score.

            In conclusion, since the least mean score was ‘evidence-based family nursing’, Consistent with the interview data, it was found that they were not confident in doing the research. And there is less integration of research to use in nursing activities. The nurse administrators should enhance competency of evidence-based family nursing of professional nurses working at antenatal care. to improve quality of family nursing care.


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Author Biography

Thanissara Namboonruang, Faculty of Nursing, Khon Kaen University

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