Comparison the Effects of Hegu Acupressure Point with Cold Tube and C clamps on Pain Perception after Cesarean Section


  • Kedkanya chaiwongsa Boromarajonani College of Nursing Udonthani
  • Wanrat Potchana Sawangdaendin Crown Prince Hospital, Sakon Nakhon Province


acupressure, hegu point, pain perception, cesarean section


This research is quasi-experimental, to compare acupressure using a cold tube and a C clamp to reduce pain after a cesarean section. The sample group is the mother 8-24 hours after a cesarean section at the Sawangdaendin Crown Prince Hospital from August 2018 to May 2021, by simple random sampling and willing to participate totaling 159 cases. They were divided into an experimental and a control group each of 53. The control group didn't use acupressure, the experimental group was 1) received the cold tube at the Hegu point, and 2) received the C clamp reducing pain at the Hegu point. The instruments used in the experiment, include cold tubes and C-clamps reducing pain and data collection tools consisting of the Numeric Rating Scale (NRS). The data were analyzed by the distribution of frequency, percentage, and standard deviation. Compare averages of pain perception before and after within groups of statistically paired t-test and between groups by statistics one-way ANOVA.

The results showed that the mean perception of pain after the experiments of the control and the experimental group were significantly different (p< .01), except for those who received cold tubes acupressure and C-clamp reducing pain. The cold tubes and C-clamp reducing pain are effective and safe, it can use to reduce pain after cesarean section.


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