The Effect of the Transitional Care Model for Heart Failure Patients, Kingnarai Hospital

  • Waranya Kedchai 0897706556
Keywords: transitional care model, heart failure, readmission


The purpose of this quasi-experimental research is to examine the effect of transitional nursing care model for heart failure patients at King-Narai Hospital, Lopburi. The study consisted of two phases: phase 1: during patients were in the hospital, and phase 2) 4 weeks after being discharged from the hospital. The subjects were 34 heart failure patients. The participants were randomly selected from heart failure patients in the Female Medicine ward. Research instruments comprised of: 1) Demographic Data form. 2) Modified Borg’s scale 3) Functional capacity 4) Fluid and sodium control behavior congestive heart failure patients Questionnaire. 5) Quality of Life Assessment and 6) The record of Readmission in heart failure patients. All data were analyzed by percentage, mean, standard deviation and t-test.

The results showed that: after receiving the transitional nursing care models for heart failure patients, the participants reported that Dyspnea symptoms, Functional capacity, the ability of water and sodium controlling, and quality of life  is better than before receiving the transitional care models statistically significant (p < .001). Moreover, the readmission rate is reduced at the significant level .001.

The results of this study indicate that the transitional care model for heart failure patient could help to improve the effectiveness of nursing care for heart failure patients. Therefore, this model should be used as the nursing practice guideline for improving the effectiveness of nursing care for heart failure patients and providing baseline information for further research as well.


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