Experiences in alcohol consumption among woman workers in upper north

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The purpose of this qualitative research was to examine the experience of alcohol consumption of women workers in the upper North. Key informants were women workers lived in upper north of Thailand, including Chiang Mai, Lampang, Phayao, and Nan provinces. Purposive sampling was used to select 54 participants. In-depth interview and observation were used to collect data. Content analysis was employed to analyze data.

The results of the study revealed that women workers defined alcohol consumption as three meanings, including 1) alcohol consumption was friendship, 2) alcohol consumption was value, and 3) alcohol consumption was belief. According to alcohol consumption pattern, the findings was classified into three patterns, consisting of 1) adolescents consume alcohol for fun, 2) housewives consume alcohol for socializing, and 3) menopausal women consume alcohol for nutrition.

                Research findings of this study showed that the majority of women who had previously consumed alcohol continued to consume alcohol. This was due to their perception of highly valued alcohol consumption, and showed clearly defined pattern of alcohol consumption, all contributing to increased trend of alcohol consumption. Thus, the research findings can be used as guideline of developing suitable and specific intervention for preventing and reducing alcohol consumption among women workers.


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