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Nowadays drinking water from automatic drinking water vending machines have become a popular alternative water source for consumers. Drinking water quality from automatic drinking water vending machine surveyed in Phetchabun Province by Mobile Food Safety Unit in 2016 – 2017 resulted in passing the Ministry of Public Health Notification regarding Drinking Water in Sealed Container only 12.73%. Local authorities are required to issue local regulations by virtue of the Public Health Act BE 2535. Currently, only 12 out of 127 localties (9.45%) have such provisions in Phetchabun Province.

            This descriptive and analytic research was conducted in Phetchabun Province. Using questionnaire to survey the factors influencing the issuance of local ordinance to control the operation of drinking water from vending machines. Data was collected from the manager and staff responsible for drinking water from vending machines from each of the 12 localities. And also compare the quality of drinking water from automatic drinking water vending machines in areas with local provisions and areas without provisions tested in 2016 – 2018.

            The study indicated that the top three factors affecting the issuance of local ordinance are the potential health effects of receiving contaminated drinking water and the need of law enforcement 100%; placing or installation of automatic drinking water vending machine and the risk of water dispensing exposure may affect water quality, local organization’s policy towards the issuance of provisions and local people’s needs for public sector 97.14% and no maintenance labeling at automatic water vending machines present 94.29%. As for the drinking water from vending machines quality, there were no differences in water quality between the area with and without local ordinance. This is because there is no strict enforcement of the local ordinance or the enforcement may not be carried out due to some circumstances. Therefore, each locality must be aware of the importance and usefulness of the local ordinance and also the benefits that people will receive when enforced. Automatic water vending machine owners’ awareness about the importance of water vending care and consumers’ education on how to choose automatic drinking water dispensers are also very important for potential health effects reduction.


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