Evaluation of Cosmetic Manufacturing Facilities According to the Criteria, Procedures, and Conditions in Cosmetic Manufacturing

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Somsri Preechathaveekid


The notification of the Minister of Public Health regarding the criteria; procedures;
and condition for manufacturing and importing of cosmetics (2018)(1) will be effective from 24 May 2020. The notification required the former manufacturers of cosmetics for sale and employed to manufacture cosmetics (notified before May 24th, 2018) to comply to the regulations regarding the facilities, equipment, containers, process to manufacture and storage the cosmetics in Appendix A attached to the notification. Therefore, this study aimed to evaluate the cosmetic manufacturing facilities according to the criteria, procedures, and conditions in cosmetic manufacturing and importation of 2018. This study was performed from 13th February 2018 to 16th July 2018 using a specifically designed form named “Inspection form on cosmetic premises according to the notificat ion of the Ministry of Public Health regarding the criteria, procedures and conditions for the manufacturing and importation of cosmetics (2018)”. The results revealed that among the 93 manufacturing facilities (70 without GMP Certificate, 23 with GMP Certificate), 15 manufacturing facilities (16.13%) passed the evaluation [overall scores in 10 areas (≥60 %) and no zero score in any regulations)], and 78 manufacturing facilities (83.87%) did not pass the evaluation. The regulations which more than 50% of the facilities got zero score (0) were Regulation 3.3 [no sign to notify “cosmetic manufacturing facility” (76.34%)], Regulation 10.1 [no procedures to specify how to deal with the complaints (56.99%)], and Regulation 10.4 [no management on product recall (55.91%)]. The Thai Food and Drug Administration should organize the workshops for the cosmetic manufacturers and conduct more public relations on the related information to all stakeholders so that they have more knowledge and capable to comply more to the Notification of the Ministry of Public Health regarding the criteria, procedures, and conditions for the manufacturing and importation of cosmetics (2018).


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