Development of Mechanism to Solve the Shortage of Essential Controlled Medicines

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Kullasap Tantrakarnsakul
Worasuda Yoongthong


The shortage of essential controlled medicines, such as lorazepam injection and
phenobarbital injection are impacting patient’s health. There has been management on
a case by case basis that might delay the patient’s accessibility to seizures control medicines
leading to fatality. Thus, it is necessary to develop a mechanism for handling the shortage
of essential controlled medicines. This study was using action research to analyze between
the current system and effective systems used abroad, and to develop effective mechanisms for solving the problem in Thailand. The study results found that 5 key components which make solving this problem successful are having a clear continuous government policy, proper laws, solution process, effective public relations and continuing knowledge development. For the effective mechanism to solve the shortage of essential controlled medicines of Thailand, consists of essential controlled medicines lists and solution process in ordinary case, emergency case and individual patients. The practical processes to be applied to the mechanism (1) Develop policies, laws and solution process by announcing it as the policy and mission of the Food and Drug Administration for cooperating with other government agencies and private organization (2) Legislation amendment to solve the problem of internationally controlled medicines shortage (3) Improve the pharmaceutical regulatory system to be more effective, such as expanding the express way for submitting the dossier of a lacking internationally controlled medicines for approval, special-access schemes for individual patients (4) Keep the lists of essential controlled medicines up-to-date and having clear criteria for physicians and patients for suggesting of inclusion of other essential controlled medicines (5) Provide and supply internationally controlled medicines in emergency situation
by The Narcotic Revolving Funds Office of the Food and Drug Administration and develop data systems such as the shortage drugs website and database of supply sources of internationally controlled medicines in producing countries.

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