Survey of Decision-making Factors and Behaviors on Cosmetics Purchasing of People in Tak Province

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Thiraya Worapani
Pongpol Worapani


This survey research aimed to study the factors affecting decision-making and behaviors on cosmetics purchasing of people in Tak Province by using self-administered questionnaires. The accidental survey was performed in 400 samples during April to September, 2016. The data were analyzed by the SPSS Program with the statistics in the forms of frequency (percentage) and Chi-square at the confidence level of 95%. The result showed that most of the samples were female (75.75%), with less than Associate Degree (53.50%), government official / state enterprise employee (30.50%), and having average monthly income of Baht 5,001-10,000 (31.50%). The price of cosmetics was found to highly affect; whereas the type of cosmetics product, the source of merchandise, and the sale promotion affected in the moderate to high level to the decision to purchase the cosmetics. Most of the samples purchased the cosmetics for skin care (22.50%) from the department stores (31.30%), once a month (83.30%), when there were no more existing cosmetics products (75.80%), and received the information from the television (41.50%).

Upon the correlation analysis, the different education level, the occupation, and average monthly income were found to highly affect the factors on decision-making and behavior in purchasing the cosmetics on the aspects of product type, cost per each purchasing, source of buying, and sale promotion at the statistically significance level. Meanwhile, the age of samples only statistically significant affected to the source of product merchandise (p-value ≤ 0.05). In addition, the factors on the decision-making to buy the cosmetics in the aspects of cosmetics and product price affected the cosmetics purchasing behaviors at the statistical significant level (p-value ≤ 0.05), ranging from product type, purchasing source, each purchasing value, reasons to purchase, and the cosmetics information source. Consequently, the information derived from this research study could be applied to the planning on providing the knowledge and the public relations to the people on purchasing the cosmetics, including further surveillance at the point of cosmetics merchandise.

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