The Study of Knowledge, Attitude and Beheavior About Health Product Consumption and Selection of OR YOR Noi Students in Aor Yor Noi School, Sukhothai Province

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Somjid Tongsukdee
Thiraya Worapani


This survey research is applied questionnaires to obtain knowledge, attitudes and behavior about health product consumption by selection students from 9 OR YOR Noi schools in Sukhothai Province by purposive sampling. Select school which more than good standard that had 1 school represented district and more than 1 school selected by drawing. The data was collected during November 1st, 2016 to February 28th, 2017. There were 193 participants responding to the questionnaires. The majority of questionnaire respondents was females (56.48 percent) and was upper elementary school students (43.52 percent). The results showed that more than 75 percent of the OR YOR Noi students had knowledge about health product labels such as drug labels and Guideline Daily Amount labels. Additionally, the students could classify types of healthy food and had proper attitudes about health products consumption. More than 70 percent of the students had proper consuming behavior. For instance, they drank milk regularly, they ate vegetables and fruits regularly and they read product labels and followed instructions prescribed on product labels for every use. However, the students had wrong Knowledge and attitudes about repeated use of frying oil, cosmetic and supplementary food and convincing advertisements. These affected improper consuming behavior. Therefore, public health officers should cooperate with relevant organizations to provide such knowledge to Aor Yor Noi students and publicize the knowledge through different media to adjust consuming behavior for safety in health products consumption in the future.


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