Factor Related to the Illegal of Health Product Advertisement on Community FM Radio Broadcasting in Regional Health 6

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Weerasak Jeamanukulkid


This study aimed to determine the related factor to the illegal health product advertisement on community FM radio broadcasting in regional health 6. The mixed method study was designed which composed of quantitative study, collected data from 123 radio broadcasters by questionnaire and qualitative study, focus group discussion from 10 radio broadcasters and use descriptive statistics analysis in quantitative study and content analysis in qualitative study.

            The results showed that most of the samples were radio broadcasters (58.5%), monthly

Income from radio programing not more than 20,000 Baht (74%), total monthly income not more than 20,000 Baht (54.4%), radio programing experience 1-5 years (36.6%) and 6-10 years (31.7%). The broadcasts program were mostly supported by the product owner (43.1%) and mostly programed by the radio station (74%). The important factors that related to the radio programing were the social supported activity (85.4%) and practiced along the government rules and laws (94.3%) and unconsidered the broadcasts fee to be the first priority (69.1%). About the health product advertising laws, most of the radio broadcasters had knowledge (84.6%), good attitudes (62.6%), well (85.4%) and joined the health product advertising laws seminar (62.6%), Only a few of radio broadcasters that practiced an illegal advertising for the last 5 years (8.1%). The relating factors that significantly related between the income radio programing and the illegal product advertising (p<0.05). From the qualitative study by focus group discussions technique we founded that most of the radio broadcasters agreed with the related factor as above and pointed some issued, providing the health products advertising seminar program effected to advertising content in positive way and the radio broadcasters who isolated from the group of radio broadcasters often practiced illegal advertisement so the inspectors should focus to risk group.

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