The Study of Knowledge and Attitude Health Products of Students Secondary Education in Nakhon Rachasima Province and the Result of the Oryor Noi Learning Program

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Jukree Kaewkumbang


The aim of this research was to evaluate the knowledge of students by Oryor Noi learning program. Oryor Noi Nakhon Ratchasima public health network had developed the Oryor Noi learning program. The study aims to compare the mean score of knowledge of students before and after study and surveyed behavior and attitude of health products of students. The population was 171 secondary education students were not to receive training by Oryor Noi learning program of the secondary education schools.  This study was conducted during 1 – 6 February 2016. Results: Study at 1 day, the mean score knowledge of students before study less than after study (8.85 ±2.80, 12.15±3.70; p<0.001, respectively difference significance). Students had appropriated behavior and attitude of health products found 37.60% and 42.05%, respectively. Both the relationship between the knowledge of students before study and behavior health products and the relationship between the attitude health products and behavior health products were significance statistics (p<0.05). The applications of Oryor Noi  Nakhon Ratchasima learning program had increased knowledge of students, therefore, this project needed the applications of Oryor Noi  learning program to adjust behavior and attitude health products for development continuous.


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