A Survey of Hair Dye Products in Beauty Salon that Comple with the Law: A Case Study Taling Chan District, Bangkok

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Kulthida Sudtim
Kulthida Chaijinda
Apirak Wongrathanachai


The purposes of this study were to survey of hair dye products in beauty salon in
Taling Chan district, Bangkok that comply with the law and to survey the method of dyeing
of beauty salon in Taling Chan district, Bangkok. The methods of this survey used data
collection forms and questionnaires. The results of the research showed that 385 hair dye
products were inclused as criteria, 98.70% of the samples were permanent hair dyes in
Oxidative hair dye type. The label of hair dye products in majority weren't lawful, for example
70.39% didn't have Thai-label to showed required information as determined in the law and
88.05% showed not complete cautions as determined in the law. Some parts of the samples
gave incorrect informations, and 1.82% of the samples were found the substances that
prohibited in cosmetic products. In addition 16.10% of the samples weren't registered by
Food and Drug Administration. The result of sampling of 19 hairstylists in beauty salon in
Taling Chan district, Bangkok showed that 57.89% of them didn’t read the label or leaflet of
hair dye products before used then affect to not followed in recommendations of the label
or leaflet for example neglected to ask or check that the lesion or abrasion on customer's
scalp before dye 42.10%, 78.95% neglected to ask about consumer’s allergy of hair dye
product history before dye, 84.21% neglected to test for allergic reaction of hair dye product
before dye. And also the samples followed in recommendations but it found that their
practice was incorrect in many steps such as all of them took the time to allergic test less
than recommendations, 47.89% of them didn’t dye for customer immediately after mixed
it, 63.16% of them didn’t take the time to dye as recommended. Moreover due to the Hair
Stylists didn't read the recommendation on the label or leaflet of hair dye products before
use, so it make an effect to understand the cautions that impact on the risk of customer and
hairstylist's safety. The information of this study can be used to improve the way to control
the hair dye product of Cosmetic Control Group, Food and Drug administration such as assign
the manufacturers and importers to purvey the adverse effect collection form add together
with hair dye products and can be used to educate about hair dye product for Hairstylist in
beauty salon and people by government and private sector.


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