Groceries Development Model with Community Involvement in Phon Sung Subdistrict, Sakon Nakhon

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Thanapong Phupalee
Somsak Apasritongsakul
Wisanu Yingyod
Trin Sangsuwan
Ladda Ammard


According to Drug Act BE 2510 local grocery stores can sell only over the counter
drug, Leuchai Sringernyuang (2000) survey community drug distribution at 195 villages in 775
groceries and 96 “Kung Tun Ya” project. He found that they has sold hazardous drug in
groceries at all villages. Most of them are NSAIDs and Antibiotics. Irrational use of medicines
lead to ineffective therapy, health risks and hazards of diseases, drug tolerance, and wasteful
spending. This study proposes to develop and examine “Groceries without Dangerous Drug
with community involvement in Phon Sung Subdistrict, Sakon Nakhon”, cooperates with
community, local authorized organization, health care unit, hospital, educational institute in
Phon Sung subdistrict Sakon Nakorn province. Methods: Action research, cooperates with
population in Phon Sung, Health Promotion Hospital, Sawang Daen Din Hospital and Faculty
of pharmacy Maha Sarakham University, is discussed by each experience about drug problems
and drug distribution in community for plan to deal with problem and lead to developmental
“Groceries without Dangerous Drug with community involvement in Phon Sung Subdistrict,
Sakon Nakhon” concept between April and December 2013. Results: Problems, in community
view, are biological fermented extract, exaggerated claims, no pharmacist in drug stores,
mistrust in hospitalized drugs; “Ya Chud” is more effective, “Ya Chud” problems in community,
dangerous drugs in grocery stores, selling-drug car and drug peddler. Community expectation
of project are Rational use of medicines information, hazard in “Ya Chud” and steroid, harm
is caused by receiving hazardous drugs in grocery stores, health product information. Action
plans are given information, cooperate with grocery store, and visit at drug cooperatives in
order to develop grocery stores’ style in community. Conclusion : community involvement
model related to community problem solving with community involvement conduce to
grocery without dangerous drug. Solutions to solve problems are to campaign, give information
continuously, and develop no dangerous drugs in grocery stores by visit at drug cooperatives


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