Reprocessing Food Imported Control System to Meet the International Rules and Regulations

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Somboon Boonkidanusorn


This study aims to determine the imported food control system of THAI FDA
checkpoints compared with Guideline for Food Import Control Systems or CAC/GL 47-2003
of CCFICS. Self-administered questionnaire was used and collected from 38 THAI FDA
checkpoint officers. The results revealed that 52.50 % of the respondents agreed with the
present system is complying and consist with every guideline. Although the rest agreed with
the present system is comply with every guideline but not thoroughly consistency.
There are many procedures that not implemented or implemented but not success such as sampling
method, requirement on food transportation, fee of inspection and analysis, assessment and
acceptance of food control system of exporting country, risk data to determine the frequency
of inspection, decision criteria to deal with imported goods, management in emergency
situation, and information exchange between competent authorities of exporting and importing
country. It is recommended that the urgent priority improvement is to prepare a risk
management system, to reduce unnecessary monitoring and compliance with the less officer.
While the Good Importing Practice guidelines is established to support the assessment and
reduction of routine import checks. Things to proceed is to prepare and announce the decision
of the officer to proceed with its investigation, to achieve a more transparent and fair. And
the legislation of Pre-shipment Clearance. The long-term needs to study the food import
control system of countries that export goods to Thailand. This information will be use for
draft the mutual recognition agreement in food control between competent authorities of
exporting and importing country which propose to have the quality and safety food. THAI
FDA checkpoint ought to adapt imported food control system to follows CCFICS for
international acceptance in food import inspection of Thailand.


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