A Study of the Behavior, Attitudes and Perception of Rayong Consumer and the Labeled of Instant Coffee Plus Nutrients in Rayong

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Weerasak Jeamanukulkid


The purposes of this study were to determine the consuming behavior, attitude, perception
of Rayong consumers and the instant coffee plus nutrients sold in Rayong. The sample group
was 400 people, aged more than 12 years old in Rayong province. The simple random sampling
method was applied for the sample group. The instruments used in the quantitative data
was structured interview questionnaires. The percentage and mean were the parameters used
for statistic analysis. The qualitative data was conducted by surveying the label of instant
coffee plus nutrients in Rayong, which was used to be data input for 80 zone 9 health inspectors
conference by using content analysis method.
The result of the study showed that most of the consumers had perception about the
product and it indication such as whitening, lean and slim body. The main channel for this
perception was television and most of the consumer’s attitude agreed for more strictly
regulated the instant coffee plus nutrients than general instant coffee. Most of the consumers
need the product detail from product’s expert at buying point and most of them disagreed
about gaining the nutrients from drinking the instant coffee plus nutrients, consume this
product for good image and the instant coffee plus nutrients 53 brands in Rayong and used
this data to be tested for public health Zone 9Th inspector training. It was found that 49 labels
were improper in labeling categorized by 4 criteria that composed of name, figured, nutrition
labelling and beneficial claiming. The inspector conference had some comment about the food
regulating system such as differentiate the instant coffee plus nutrients from general instant
coffee by regrouping this product and balancing the information between the commercial
enterprises and the nonprofit organization to meet the equilibrium of information in social media
by strengthening the knowledge base society in consumer network. The internal process of
regulator both Thailand Food and Drug Administration and provincial public health offices have
to improve the law enforcement, technology and human resource development.

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