The Study of Consumer Behavior and Attitude Toward Drugstore in Mueang District, Phang Nga Province

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Pornsak Mathuros


This research aims to study consumer behavior toward drugstore, comparative study of personnel
characteristic with consumer attitude toward drugstore and relationship study between
consumer behavior and attitude toward drugstore in Mueang District, Phang Nga Province. Data
was collected from 400 working age people between 15 – 59 years old by convenience sampling
from 1 – 31 March 2013 by using questionnaires that the researcher created. Statistics used were
mean, percentage, standard deviation, student’s t–test, One way ANOVA and Chi–square. Result
of the study revealed consumer behavior for drugstore service usage that the most frequency
of service usage per month is once or less than equal to 70.7 percents. Period of the most
service usage is 18.01–24.00 pm equal to 52.7 percents. Percentage of service usage in the same
drugstore for sometimes is equal to 38.5 percents. The service usage of consumers is medicine
perchasing equal to 56.89 percents, medicine usage consulting equal to 18.85 percents respectively.
The most purchasing method is dispensing by the patients inform pharmacist about their
symptoms equal to 69.3 percents.The most purchasing item is medicine equal to 88.3 percents,
most of medicine is analgesic and antipyretic drug equal to 77.0 percent. Next group is medicine
for skin desease equal to 4.8 percents, respiratory medicine for 4.2 percents and gastrointestinal
medicine for 4.0 percents respectively. Attitude of the consumers in the samples are found
that there are five levels of attitude, the first level is personnel ,the second is location, the third
is facilities, the fourth is price, the fifth is products and those level’s mean are 4.74, 4.57,
4.43, 4.32 and 4.13 respectively. By the way, comparing between attitude and personnel
characteristics found that different gender have different attitude toward drugstore with
statistical significance level at 0.05 (t=2.489, p =.013). Relationship between the same drugstore
service usage and attitude toward drugstore of the consumers is that statistical significance
(χ2=9.672,df.=2,p=.008). Also, type of products which purchasing from drugstore is related
to attitude toward pharmacy with statistical significance (χ2 =11.885,df.=2,p =.003). However,
frequency, period, purchasing method are not related to attitude toward drugstore with
statistical significance.

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