Publication Ethics

              This publication's ethics aim to communicate research results, new discoveries, and academic knowledge between researchers and global society in an accurate, quality, transparent, and consistent manner with international publishing standards. Food and Drug Journal; therefore, roles and responsibilities have been defined for three groups of people: authors, journal editors, and evaluators. In order for those involved to study and strictly comply with the ethical regulations for publishing work, as follows:


Duties of Authors

  1. Authors must write articles according to the format specified by the journal and write Vancouver-style reference documents.
  2. The authors must not submit articles that have been previously published or are in the process of being submitted for publication in other journals, and the article will not be submitted to other journals while it is being considered for publication.
  3. The authors and co-authors listed in the article must have participated in the work of writing it.
  4. The authors must submit articles that do not plagiarise the work of others.
  5. The authors must revise according to the suggestions and recommendations of the article evaluators and editor.


Duties of Reviewer

  1. Reviewers should have expertise or knowledge in that field and must consider the article impartially.
  2. The reviewers have to provide feedback, corrections, advice, and fashion and reliability for the author to improve and correct the article.
  3. The reviewers should evaluate articles within a specified period of time, or if the article cannot be evaluated, they will notify the editor.
  4. The reviewers will not know the name of the author (double blind), who has no conflict of interest with the author. Do not disclose information; keep it secret.

Duties of Editor:

Every article goes through a rigors quality review process by evaluators and the editorial team, as follows:

  1. An editor must clearly specify the format for publication.
  2. The editor does not accept previously published articles or those that are in the process of being submitted for publication in other journals;
  3. The editor must reviews provide guidance to authors before submitting articles to evaluators and before publishing the article.
  4. The editors must select article raters with expertise in their respective fields.
  5. The editor must not have a conflict of interest with the authors, article evaluator, or editorial team; Also, do not publish too many of your own articles.
  6. The editors must not reveal author information and article evaluators, which must be kept secret;
  7. The editor must decide in cases where the article evaluators have a disagreement and articles have not been substantially revised according to the recommendations of the article reviewers, etc.
  8. The editors must check for plagiarism based on the evaluation results of the ThaiJo system (Copy Catch). It should not exceed 20%, and if plagiarism by others is detected above the threshold, inform the author of the review of the article before entering it into the article evaluation process.