study on Information Technology Using among Students of Sirindhorn College of Public Health Khon Kaen

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บรรเลิง สีสุพรรณ
ชมพูนุท สิริพรหมภัทร
ธนชัย สุขถาวร


         The aims of this descriptive study were to determine the use of information technology (IT) on objectives of IT, frequency of using, and up to date of IT providing in Learning Center (LC). Populations were 260 students who received IT service. Data were collected by self-administered questionnaire.

         The findings were as followed. Major of published documents were searched by students were textbook (95.8%), newspaper (86.9%), and journal (86.2%); respectively. Major of non-published document were searched by students were IT via internet (93.1%) in which the purposed were searching for e-newspapers for followed the news and improve knowledge (74.2%), followed by journal (57.3%). The second purpose was for review literature (55.4%). Another searching for non-published document were ThaiLIS databae (47.3%) and only few number searched document for academic services.

           Regarding to the up to date of document, about half number of student read the current newspaper (51.9%), followed by used textbook within 3 years, 5 years, and more than 5 years publication (28.8%, 30.4%, and 15.85; respectively). Students rated the satisfaction toward on the up-to-date of document providing in LC with moderate level.

           Suggestion for next study is that the relevance between searched document and content of each subjects, also the relevance between searched document and curriculum should be study.


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