An Overview of Invisalign®

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Priyakorn Chaimongkol
Bancha Samruajbenjakun


Invisalign® is a sequential aligner therapy, which is widely available and popular nowadays. This technique represents a new orthodontic treatment option for patients who care of esthetics. With the advance of computer and technology, Invisalign® can be fabricated in a large number and has high accuracy. Thus, this appliance is practical for everyday treatment for orthodontists. Although this appliance was recommended to use with mildly malaligned occlusion because of the limitations of appliance, nowadays this appliance has been developed for the more complex malocclusion. This review is intended to present the overview of Invisalign®, such as indications, advantages, disadvantages, clinical application and also the development of the appliance.

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Chaimongkol P, Samruajbenjakun B. An Overview of Invisalign®. Thai J Orthod [Internet]. 2020 Sep. 14 [cited 2024 Apr. 23];8(2):33-9. Available from:
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