Risk Factors Related to Fall in Elderly Patients Treated in Lerdsin Hospital


  • Napatsawan Vongsavan ภาควิชาเวชศาสตร์ครอบครัว โรงพยาบาลเลิดสิน กรุงเทพมหานคร


risk factors, falling, elderly patient


Background: Falling is a common problem among the elderly patients that cause injuries, disability and premature death. Objective: To determine the risk factors related to fall in elderly patients treated in Lerdsin hospital. Methods: This study was cross-sectional descriptive study that performed by collecting the random sample of 329 older patient aged 60 years and over from 21,475 older patients in Lerdsin hospital. The data was collected by using direct question-answers via questionnaire between February to June 2022 at Lerdsin hospital, Bangkok Thailand. The descriptive statistics, independent t-test, univariate & multivariate analysis and logistic regression analysis were performed, with intrinsic and extrinsic fall risk factors as independent variable and falls in elderly patients as dependent variable. Results: The total of 180 elderly patients (54.7%) as the study group had a history of falls in one year and 149 patients (41.5%) as a control group had no history of falls in one year. 41.3% of fall causes were slipping floor. Seventy-eight percent of the study group resulted in a fall related minor injury. Those who having underlying disease which including dyslipidemia (odds ratio = 2.022, 95% CI=1.143-3.575, p =0.016), musculoskeletal disease (odds ratio = 2.596, 95% CI = 1.447-4.658, p =0.001) and psychotropic and sedative medication (odds ratio = 4.565, 95% CI = 1.597-13.045, p = 0.005) were related to risk factors to fall in elderly patients. Conclusions: This study concluded that patients taken psychotropic or sedative medication, patients with dyslipidemia or musculoskeletal disease were the strongest independent risk factors related to fall in elderly patients in Lerdsin Hospital.


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