Older Workers in Labor Market


  • Penpitchaya Wongwiwat Department of Preventive and social Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University
  • Wiroj Jiamjarasrangsi Department of Preventive and social Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University


older worker, older workforce, older workers’ work condition


Recent change in world population structure had resulted in the concomitant change in labor market structure. Since ageing workforce differ from those other age-groups in various aspects, more studies are then needed to acquiring information for promoting their effective and safe working conditions.

Objectives: To review literature about (i) definition of older workers, (ii) general characteristics about older workers (iii) factors affecting work performance in older workers, (IV) recommendations and policies related to older workforce.

Results: Nowadays, we have various definitions for older workers. Using chronological age or biological age to define workers as older workforce is still controversial. The older workforce has a tendency to get serious injuries compared to other age groups. Physiological changes in older workers  might alter older workers’ job characteristics i.e. changing in the cardiovascular system, the respiratory system and the musculoskeletal system might affect working with high physical demand job and working in hot or cold environment job, changing in the cognitive function, visual ability, and the musculoskeletal system might affect driving skill, changing in hearing might affect ability of detection alarm sounds and also changing in circadian rhythm and hearing might affect sleeping after night shift etc. Moreover, underlying health conditions might also affect work ability in either direction. We found that factors that affecting work ability, job resource and retirement decision also play a role in labor force participation. Individually-specific job accommodations were needed for each individual older worker in helping them work more efficiently.

Conclusion: Older workers differs from those from other age groups in various aspects including physiological change, health condition, work ability and preferred work conditions. This requires individually-specific work accommodations to promote their highest work efficiency. In addition, appropriate policies are required to support the future increase in the number of older workers in labor market.


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