Effect of diabetic group and individual counseling on HbA1C change in diabetes mellitus patient at Bangsai Hospital, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province


  • Piyamate Iamopas Bangsai Hospital, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province.


Diabetic counseling, diabetes mellitus, HbA1C


   This study aims to  compare HbA1C change in diabetes patients who have HbA1C > 7.0 mg% after diabetic counseling at Bangsai hospital. In this study have 3 group of diabetes patient 1.diabetes patients who receive individual counseling 2.diabetes patients who receive group counseling, and 3.diabetes patients who receive standard care. In first group, diabetes patients receive counseling by case manager nurse individually with graphic aids and diabetic knowledge book. In second group, diabetes patients receive counseling by case manager nurse by group of 8-10 with graphic aids and diabetic knowledge book. In third group, diabetes patients receive standard care without counseling by case manager nurse. The population in this study was 779 patients with diabetes who participated in diabetic clinic during October 2016 to September 2018. HbA1C change in diabetes patients who received individual counseling, group counseling, standard case was reduce 0.59 + 2.01 mg% (9.66 + 1.76 to 9.06 + 0.19mg%), reduce 0.30 + 2.03 mg% ( 8.99 + 1.81 to 8.70 + 0.11 mg%), and increase 0.01 + 1.83 mg% (8.49 + 1.58 to 8.5 + 0.78 mg%) respectively. There was statistically significant difference of HbA1C change between individual counseling group and standard group (p-value = 0.023). Therefore, diabetes patient should receive continuous individual counseling.


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