Knowledge of and Attitude Towards Self-Measurement of Blood Pressure at Home Among Hypertensive Patients in Nakhon Nayok Hospital.


  • วิบูลย์ศรี พุทธเจริญ Nakhon Nayok Hospital.


Knowledge, Attitude, blood pressure, hypertension, chronic disease patients


     The purposes of this research were to investigate knowledge of, attitude regarding self-measurement of blood pressure at home among hypertensive patients and to compare the levels of knowledge and attitude classified by personal factors. The sample size was 350 based on the calculation by the Taro Yamane method. To achieve the probability sampling, a systematic random sampling method using even numbers of the personal hospital numbers. The questionnaire was validated by using the index of item objective congruence (IOC), and the IOC was 1. The reliability of the second part of the questionnaire
was analyzed by using Kuder Richardson method (KR20) (KR20=0.792). The third part was analyzed by using Cronbach’s alpha coefficient=0.855. The data were analyzed by descriptive statistics such as frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation. The Mann-Whitney U Test and Kruskal-Wallis H test were used for analytic statistics. The level of knowledge of self-blood pressure measurement was at low level (43.14%), with an average score of 68.82±19.42 points (out of 100). More than half (55.43%) had good attitude level or above, with an average score of 48.19±8.08 points (out of 60). Factors significantly associated with the knowledge of and attitude regarding blood pressure self-measurement (P <0.05) were level of education, occupation, and experience in blood pressure measurement at home. Blood pressure levels were significantly associated with the knowledge. However, blood pressure levels were not associated with the attitude regarding blood pressure self-measurement.
     According to the results, Thai traditional practitioners should provide the knowledge of blood pressure self-measurement to hypertensive patients and caregivers, especially for patients who had white-coat hypertension or complications. This approach may lead to good attitudes and proper self-care management.


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