Development of a Long Term Care System for Chronic Disease in the Nahaeo District, Loei Province. Abstract


  • อมร จันทร์ดำ Na Haeo Hospital, Loei Province.
  • รุจิรา คมสัน Na Haeo Hospital, Loei Province.
  • เกษมณี ชิลนาค Na Haeo Hospital, Loei Province.


Development service, long term care, chronic disease


     The purposes of this Participatory Action Research (PAR) aimed to 1) determine the situation and problem of a long term care system for chronic 2) plan for develop of a long term care system for chronic. A sample of 15 patient bedridden and caregiver, 12 professional care team. Qualitative data were deep interview observation and Quantitative data were collected using questionnaire. The research was conducted during March-August 2018. Activities for the development included participatory planning meetings, development system and competency development, monitoring, evaluation, knowledge sharing and retrieval of data. Statistics used include percentage, mean and standard deviation. The results of each phase were as follows. In phase 1, it was found continuity for
data, management, community care, continuing care in the health team, continuing care planning, participation in care planning, service access. In phase 2 change development a long term care system for chronic to discharge plan, refer from hospital to home and improvement of guidelines, a home visit system with the participation of families
communities and health care team, database, competency development. In phase 3 indicated of mean long term care guidelines of health care providers after is greater than before (gif.latex?\bar{x}=4.52, gif.latex?\bar{x}=2.83) and mean score satisfaction after is greater than before (gif.latex?\bar{x}=4.4, gif.latex?\bar{x}=3.8)


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