The Effects of Yoga Exercise on Fatigue and Quality of Life in Primiparous Mothers

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Panyupa NaoSrisorn
Siriwan Sangin
Piriya Suppasri


Purpose: The study aimed to test the effects of yoga exercise on fatigue and quality of life in
primiparous mothers.
Design: Quasi-experimental research, two group pretest-posttest design.
Methods: Sample consisted of 52 primiparous mothers receiving postnatal care at Obstetrics
and Gynecology Care at Nakhonphanom Hospital. Purposive sampling with inclusion criteria was
used to recruit participants. They were divided into a control group (n = 26) and an experimental
group (n = 26). The control group received routine nursing care. The experimental group received
a yoga exercise program with routine nursing care. The instruments used in this study were
personal and obstetric questionnaire, The Modified Fatigue Symptom Checklist (MFSC) and the
12-Item Short Form Health Survey Version 2 (SF-12 V2). The data were analyzed using descriptive
statistics, fisher’s exact test, independent t-test and dependent t-test.
Findings: This study found that the experimental group had significantly less mean score of
fatigue than the control group. After intervention, the experimental group had significantly less
mean score of fatigue than before intervention. Also found the experimental group had significantly
higher mean score of quality of life than the control group. After intervention,
the experimental group had significantly higher mean score of quality of life than before
Conclusion: The findings of this study resulted in lower maternal fatigue and better quality of
life. Therefore, hospitals should be used this program as a guideline to deal with fatigue and
improve quality of life among postpartum mothers.


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