Prevalence and factors related to repeat pregnancy among adolescent mothers


  • Chiraporn Anucha Boromarajonani college of nursing, Ratchaburi, Faculty of Nursing, Praboromarajchanok Institute, Ministry of Public Health
  • Parichat Arayajaru Boromarajonani college of nursing, Ratchaburi, Faculty of Nursing, Praboromarajchanok Institute, Ministry of Public Health
  • Kwanjai Pataipakaipet Boromarajonani college of nursing, Ratchaburi, Faculty of Nursing, Praboromarajchanok Institute, Ministry of Public Health
  • Supawadee Ngoenying Ratchaburi Hospital


Adolescent mothers, Repeat pregnancy


          Repeated pregnancy in adolescent mothers is a public health concern that affects adolescent mothers, newborns, and their families with physical and psychological outcomes, as well as childrearing difficulties. This descriptive research aimed to study the prevalence and factors related to repeated pregnancy among adolescent mothers. The study samples were 202 pregnant adolescents aged under 20 years old selected by purposive sampling according to inclusion/exclusion criteria from the antenatal care clinic, Ratchaburi hospital. Data were collected using a self-administered questionnaire and analyzed by using descriptive and inferential statistics including frequency, percentage, standard deviation, and Chi-square.

          The study results showed that 28.71 percent of adolescents mothers were repeated pregnancy. Age, age at primigravida, education, husband’s age, pregnancy intention, and contraception after first pregnancy were positively associated with repeated pregnancy among adolescent mothers at a significant level p < .05, (c2 = 0.238, 0.532, 0.405, 0.322, 0.650 and 0.547, respectively). However, abortion and the number of living child were not significantly associated. Findings suggested that the factors can be used to develop interventions or activities to further reduce the adolescent pregnancy prevalence and problems of both adolescent mothers and their children.


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