Elderly Health Promotion System Development through a Health Literacy Process in Elderly Clubs of the Bangkok Metropolitan


  • Kandavasee Maleevong Metropolitan Health and Wellness Institution, Department of Health
  • Vanida Durongrittichai Faculty of Nursing, Phetchaburi Rajabhat University
  • Hataichanok Buajalearn Faculty of Nursing, Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University
  • Srisuda Sawangsalee Metropolitan Health and Wellness Institution, Department of Health
  • Benjawan Jantapol Regional Health Promotion Center 8, Udon Thani
  • Yongyot Hattapornsakwan Metropolitan Health and Wellness Institution, Department of Health
  • Vanida Mongkolsinh Navamindradhiraj University


System development, Elderly club, Health promotion system, Health literacy


                 A health promotion system is a potent tool for stakeholders to foster the cognitive-enhancing processes of the elderly. It serves to increase learning by being accessible, understandable, utilized and communicative in promoting healthy behaviors.  However, empirical data is lacking to support critical areas. The objective of this mixed methods research design is to analyze health promotion behaviors and health literacy, as well as to develop a model of the health promotion system for the elderly in elderly clubs. The study population consisted of 18 elderly club committees and 634 elderly club members. The research instruments were of two kinds: questionnaires and in-depth interviews of elderly club committees and their members. Data was collected from January 2018 - May 2019. Quantitative data is represented by means and standard deviations. The qualitative data is analyzed using content analysis. Also, the health promotion model is a synthesis of both quantitative and qualitative data based on the 4 Smart model.

               The results show that the health promotion activities that the elderly club organized for members included "Don't Fall," "Delicious Eating," "No Depression," and "Don't Forget." The health-promoting behaviors that most elderly practiced for the "Don't Fall"  activity was keeping the house tidy and keeping the floor dry, "Delicious rice-eating" emphasized eating eggs, vegetables, and fruits every day to receive essential nutrients. "Do not forget" was choosing a regular place as a place to remember, and "No depression" was to do activities with other people to maintain self-value. The research results supported the system development concept of promoting health through a process of health literacy at the individual level using the 4 Smart model.


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