Factors Affecting Quality of Life among Laborers Exposed to Noise in Factories, Rayong Province


  • Jenjira Jareankankai Faculty of Nursing Burapha University
  • Arisara Ritngam Faculty of Nursing Burapha University
  • Ketsuda Kamkaew occupational medicine Subdivision, Rayong Hospital


Quality of life, Industrial workers exposed to noise


                Noise is a health hazard which affects quality of life. This correlational research aimed to study factors affecting quality of life among laborers exposed to noise in factories, Rayong Province. One hundred and five employees were selected by multi-stage random sampling. The research instrument was a self–administered questionnaire with a reliability of .76. Descriptive statistics and stepwise multiple regression were used to analyze data.

                Results showed that 63.80% of subjects were  female, mean age was 37 years , average working hours were 12 hours per day,  with mean noise levels of 93.2, 92.5, 90.2, and 85.3 dB in the workplaces tested. The workers perceive slightly abnormal levels of hearing 84.67 (S.D.= 13.68). While 94.30% of workers could communicate at a normal level, Audiometric tests showed that 60% had some hearing loss.  Workers showed mild stress (M= 2.90, S.D.= 2.89), high self - esteem (M= 36.62, S.D.= 3.04), and a high quality of life (M= 4.10, SD= 0.80). This study revealed that self-esteem (Self) and perceived hearing ability (Per.H) had a  statistically significant association and predicted quality of life (p < .001) while explaining 25.50 percent of quality of life using the following equation: ZQOL= 0.401Self – 0.266Per.H

               Results can be used by health care providers to design self-esteem strengthening activities, especially for workers with perceived hearing loss to  increase quality of life.



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