Factors Affecting Sexual Risk Behaviors among Female lower Secondary School Students in Pattata City


  • Nichapatr Punmeekij Community Nurse Practitioner, Faculty of Nursing, Burapha University.
  • Chanandchidadussadee Toonsiri Community Nursing Department, Faculty of Nursing, Burapha University
  • Pornnapa Homsin Community Nursing Department, Faculty of Nursing, Burapha University


Predictive factor, Sexual risk behavior, Female lower secondary school student


          Sexual behavior is an important health risk affecting society and country, including female adolescents. The purpose of this research is to identify factors affecting sexual risk behaviors among female lower secondary school students in Pattaya city. A simple random sampling method was used to recruit 230 female lower secondary school students in Pattaya city. Research instruments collected demographic data, attitudes to sexual risk behaviors, features of family relationships, perceived sexual risk behaviors of friends, access to entertainment complexes, access to sexual media, and sexual risk behaviors through questionnaires. Data collection took place in January, 2016. Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics and stepwise multiple regression analysis.

          Study subjects had mean scores of sexual risk behaviors at the lowest level (M=1.47, S.D.= .47). Significant predictors of sexual risk behaviors were access to sexual media (b= .474), grade point average (GPA) (b= -.165), attitude to sexual risk behaviors (b= -.164), and perceived sexual risk behaviors of friends (b= .167). The model explained 42.5 % of the variance (R2 = .425, p< .001).

         These findings suggest that nurses and related health care providers with nursing responsibilities could apply these study results to develop youth activities and programs to reduce sexual risk behaviors among lower secondary school students. Findings indicate such a program should focus on access to sexual media, attitude, and perceived sexual risk behaviors of friends.


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