Nursing Care for Pain Management in Chronic Pancreatitis


  • Karnchana Kongpia Nursing Services Division, Songklanagarind Hospital
  • Janjira Jinaporn Nursing Services Division, Songklanagarind Hospital
  • Kingkarn Junthakam Nursing Services Division, Songklanagarind Hospital
  • Suthisa Temtap Nursing Services Division, Songklanagarind Hospital, Prince of Songkla University


Chronic Pancreatitis Patient, Pain Management


Chronic pancreatitis patient’s, like many other patients, experience pain, and this experience of suffering adversely affects their quality of life. Pain management is an important and challenging role for nurses. The study was done by using a literature review and a case study from direct experience of the author. This article aimed to enhance care knowledge for nurses rerated to causes and management of pain in chronic pancreatitis patients.

Chronic pancreatitis pain patients has 5 important causes including; 1) wiring problems 2) plumbing problems 3) pancreatic and extra-pancreatic complication 4) procedures and treatments and 5) emotional and mental conditions. Hence, pain management is an important and challenging role for nurses both administrating medical treatment and their independent roles, which consists of in 7 activities including; 1) pain assessment and measurement 2) medication 3) non-medication treatment 4) introductions and giving information 5) empowerment 6) patient representation and 7) emotional support.

Based on the case study, it was found that the main barriers to effective pain management was inappropriate pain management for pain levels among health care providers. Nurses play key roles in effective pain management for patients with chronic pancreatitis. Effective pain management helps reduce suffering from pain and increase a quality of life for patients with chronic pancreatitis.


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